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Raccoon Extensions



  • What type of hair does Racoon use?

    Racoon Hair Extensions uses Premium quality hair that has been ethically sourced, with the widest range of colours, length and textures, to suit your own hair for a perfect blend.

  • How long does it take to apply Racoon Hair Extensions?

    Depending on what method is used, application can vary from 15 minutes to approximately 2.5 hours.

  • What methods does Racoon have?

    We have a range of methods to suit your requirements, the bonding system allows you to bond the extensions to your natural hair which will last approximately 3-4 months. We also have the Premium Link method which is a pre-bonded system lasting approximately 2-4 months. If you were after a more temporary method the Micro Wefts are a simple taping technique, which can be applied in an hour and worn for approximately 3 to 6 weeks. We also have a range of clip ins for you to click and go whenever you want.

  • Will there be any damage to my own hair?

    At Racoon Hair Extensions we pride ourselves on the ease of application and removal. We use a gentle bonding material and removal solution with no damage to your natural hair. Visiting your Racoon Salon on a regular basis will ensure your extensions will remain in the best possible condition.

  • What is the bonding material made out of?

    Racoon’s bonding material is made of a polymer. This is a blend of natural and synthetic oils with orange peel and pine kernel extracts, specifically designed for the application of hair extensions.

  • Can I re-use the hair?

    All Racoon extension systems are 100% re-usable. If maintained correctly extension hair can be removed and reapplied on the same day! This makes them very cost effective.

  • Can I colour my hair?

    Yes, it is possible to colour Racoon extensions, but you need to be aware that our extension hair has already been slightly processed and your hair already colour matched, so we do not recommend any colour changes to your hair extensions as certain colour products can damage extension hair. Re touching re growth is not a problem, the bond will actually absorb some of the colour. For a colour change we highly recommend you to consult your Racoon specialist for advice.

  • What shampoo do I use on my extensions?

    Racoon’s Xtend product range has been formulated to keep your extension and natural hair looking fantastic. By balancing gentle cleansing and moisturising agents with natural plant extracts we have produced tailored treatments for every part of the extension process. From a gentle cleansing shampoo to an intensive deep mask treatment. Racoon takes care of it all!

Installing Tracks


The Racoon Brush


The Racoon brush is specifically designed for hair extensions, with air-cushioned rubber pad for gentle control, allowing you to brush your extensions ends to roots with ease


Never brush the hair when it is wet and do not use a fine tooth comb.

Start at the ends of the hair and work your way upwards, holding each section just above where you are brushing.

When you get close to the roots put your hand over the bonds to support them.

After shampooing or whenever the hair is wet, only use a wide tooth comb to remove tangles; do not use a brush.




For the first shampoo you must return to the salon, it is vital that this is done by your Racoon specialist. This way you will learn the correct techniques that are essential for the care and maintenance of your hair extensions.

The following information will provide you with helpful advice to assist you in maintaining your hair with total confidence.



Shampooing a full or partial head of extensions may take longer. Take your time and do not rush – you may be surprised by the extra weight at first.

·         Separate the bonds and ease out any tangles using the Racoon brush

·         Wet the hair – ideally in the shower

·         Apply Racoon Xtend Shampoo to wet hair

·         Gently massage the scalp with your fingertips, using a light up and down motion (avoid circular motions as             these can cause tangles or matting)

·         Rinse thoroughly, loosening the hair at the roots ensuring all product is removed and repeat if necessary.




Once you have shampooed the scalp area gently squeeze excess moisture from hair.

·         Apply Racoon Xtend Conditioner to mid-lengths and ends

·         Using your fingers gently smooth the conditioner through, use a wide tooth comb to help remove tangles

·         Rinse thoroughly


Warning – Only Racoon Xtend products should be used on Racoon hair as using other products, especially conditioners enriched with protein, can result in matting.



·         Gently pat hair dry, do not rub or use any vigorous motion

·         Apply Extra Professional 000 leave-in moisturiser to mid lengths and ends, to maintain lustre and bounce.            (Ask your stylist for ideal amount to apply)

·         Separate the hair into sections and using a wide tooth comb to distribute product.

Vigorous brushing or using a fine comb when your hair is wet will cause tension on the extension hair resulting in tangling and matting. Only use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to remove tangles







·         Lightly apply Racoon Xtend Thermal Defence to mid-lengths and ends.

·         Remove moisture from the scalp area around the bonds.

·         If blow drying separate hair into sections.

·         Be gentle – excessive tension can cause loss of hair extensions. Always support the bonds with your hand

·         Avoid getting styling products on and under the bonds

·         To prevent damage and frizziness, apply Racoon Xtend Serum to mid-lengths and ends when the hair is dry.

·         Curling tongs and straightening irons can be used on the natural hair, but avoid applying excessive heat to             the bonds themselves as they may soften and distort

·         Only use thermostatically controlled equipment



At least once a day you will need to separate your extensions. Starting at the roots, make sure that each bond is separated from the ones next to it, then work your way down the hair. After approximately 4 weeks or so, as the hair grows down, natural matting will occur. This is where several bonds will begin locking together if they are not separated daily.



To prevent your hair from matting while you sleep, we suggest that you tie your hair in a low, loose plait or ponytail. Avoid using uncovered elastic bands as this will matt the hair. We recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase as the hair glides over the silk without tangling.








We recommend that you return to your Racoon stylist a minimum of once a month for a maintenance visit. Some of the bonds may need removing and replacing, and new bonds may need to be added. This “monthly rotation” is a method preferred by most clients and stylists as it means you can carry on wearing your extensions for longer.



The great thing about Racoon Hair Extensions is that you can continue to colour your natural hair as normal. We do not recommend any colour changes to your hair extensions as certain colour products can damage extension hair. Discuss this with your Racoon stylist for professional advice.



Your extensions need to be applied at least two weeks before you go away so you can get used to looking after them. Sea, sun and chlorine can leave extensions looking dull, tangled and dry, so it is vital that you apply Extra Professional  leave-in moisturiser. We recommend applying this at least twice daily.



We strongly advise that you place a swimming cap on your head to protect your hair extensions from getting wet. Swimming can matt the hair. Long hair can be worn in high bun, tied back or plaited. Secure the hair with several scrunchies – do not use uncovered elastic bands as these will tangle in the hair.



Just like your skin and your natural hair, extensions will need protection from the sun. Keep Extra Professional 000 leave in moisturiser with you and apply it to the mid-lengths and ends, avoiding the bonds. A guideline is to use it as often as you apply your skin sunscreen. Wearing a hat will also prevent your hair from drying out.



Racoon’s unique bond formula has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the hair extension industry. The unique formula contains a blend of synthetic polymers with orange peel and pine kernel extract, providing the perfect balance between strength, durability and ease of removal.


If maintained correctly, your extensions should last for approximately three months (varies due to natural hair growth). After this time the bonds will have ‘grown down’ sufficiently for the extensions to require removal and reapplication.


Well maintained extension hair can be reapplied, although the bonds and ends will need trimming so you will lose some length. Natural shedding will also occur so you may need to buy a little extra hair to maintain the look you require.


If you plan to have your extensions reapplied on a regular basis, it would make sense that you visit your Racoon stylist to order some additional hair for ‘top up’ purposes, or to increase length. This should be done before the removal to allow time for new hair to be ordered and delivered.





Your Racoon stylist will be available to give you help and advice throughout the life of your hair extensions. If you have any questions about maintaining your extensions, simply ring your Racoon stylist or make an appointment to come in so that we can keep you on track with your home care programme.



Women today can experience amazing hair overnight. In a matter of hours, your hair can have: fullness, strength, body, bounce, length, and color.

How? Through Racoon hair extensions there is a wonderful  process, a hair extension method that takes thin hair and makes it thick, takes short hair and makes it long, and takes flat hair and makes it full.

Custom Extensions
 Let us consult with you about a look you never thought was possible. 

The hair we use is 100% human hair. It is so comfortable that it feels just like your own. Extensions do not damage your hair. In fact, some clients have said that it increased their hair growth, and hair follicle strength.

You can handle new extensions just as you would your own hair. And it will look like it's your own because a minimum of three hair colors are blended together. In addition to a wide variety of colors, the hair also comes in three textures: curly, wavy, and straight. Our professionaly trained stylist at Artisan Salon will introduce you to a maintenance program that will assist you the entire time you wear extensions.

Because of the vast differences between people, your initial consultation is free.

Racoon  Hair Extensions


Racoon International’s bonded system allows your natural hair to be easily and safely blended and lengthened.

Our multi-award-winning system is scientifically proven not to damage hair thanks to a unique inert polymer bond – non-allergy synthetic – which leaves no trace or residue.

The hair is applied over three to four hours, but can last up to six months with regular maintenance appointments.

The bonding material – containing natural products, such as pine kernel and orange peel extracts –  is translucent and about the size of a grain of rice.

As it takes on the colour of your own hair, the bonds are virtually invisible.



An advanced hair extension system to add body, length and volume to the natural hair.  The system is patented and uses special thermal molding adhesive to secure the hair to the head.  This means you will get a long lasting, non- damaging comfortable attachment process.  It offers the highest quality, most natural, realistic choice of colors and textures that can be blended to match your hair perfectly.  The system is extensively proven and tested, and is one of the most reliable hair extension systems available.

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