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Artisan Salon Landpark Wedding Collection




The Bride is asked detailed questions about what she wants before we start. Then as we perform the trial run she will make notes with the stylist to remember her wants and the stylist will have an elegant style in their vision.

Making sure the bride is happy with the results is  letting the stylist know they are going in the right direction.

For example, we'd pick out an eye shadow color together, then the make up artist would  apply it, and then ask the stylist if I liked it before we proceeded to the next step. So the look we built was completely customized and designed by the stylist and makeup artist.

Not only that the stylist, the makeup artist and the bride took notes electronically the entire time and also photos to make sure we documented the colors and specifics. This is perfect for brides because we tend to forget things with so much going on. It is reassuring for the bride to know that everything was written down (e.g. how long to set the hair, foundation color, false eyelashes, hair extensions#, etc)

But the best part is the end result! The hair and makeup comes  out amazing every time. Even better than we  imagined! 



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