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Here are some photo's where real time experiences show our work

This is the Zombie set where our skills at theater movie makeup were used.


    These are a closer look at Artisan's  completed


            "Zombie Beast" 


The completed creation. Notice the shadow detail in his eye make up and the blending of the skin tone

We are available for work on or off the set. 

Another  finished product on  the Zombie set

We are available for Halloween make up or  makeup for scary monster parties or just everyday scary makeup! !!! 

Jen making up a zombie,  placement of eye color and upper lid line is critical in the application.

Jennifer Benton, an owner of Artisans, appling the beginning works to a  Zombie creation 

Comleted gang of Zombies being directed and placed for filming 

Comleted Zombies on set.

One reason they are so frightening is because they are us,

"because everyone has a different inner-zombie."

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