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Mermaid Colors

Once our technicians have sufficiently lightened you hair, then it's time to bring in color. Using mermaid shades is the fashion, we use a medley of rainbow hair colors. 

And as for how to choose your new pastel shade? If you're a natural brunette, work with what you've got and make the most out of dazzling dark strands. "Most colors are possible, but there are beautiful tones that can be created that are a little deeper than pastels," says Carol. "It's all about keeping the hair in good condition." Just like switching up your makeup color, it's always important to keep skin tone in mind as well. Some colors complement cooler skin tones more than warmer tones and vice versa. But it's all fun, especially when clients look like they were born with such a magical shade.

Courtesy Teen Vogue

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The History of Hair Color

Who is this?.


When did we start using hair dye?

What’s the most common color?

Discover these answers in our fact-filled Hair Color Report.

Who knew there were so many fascinating statistics and numbers behind the age-old art of dyeing hair? Here are a few of our favorite factoids:

3400 B.C.: Era in which ancient Egyptians began using henna to camouflage their gray hairs.

17: Age at which Marge Simpson went gray, according to her hubby Homer.

100 A. D.: Century in which Roman doctor Galen described a recipe for black dye. Scientists re-created the formula in 2006 and found it actually works.

11,000: Number of years ago scientists believe the genetic mutation for blond hair appeared.

60: Years since Wella invented Koleston Perfect professional hair color, used in Regis Salons.


















1860: Approximate year hydrogen peroxide was first used as hair bleach, kicking off decades of broken strands and burned scalps.

92%: Women who have ever colored their hair, according to a Wella survey.

1907: Year the first synthetic hair dye was invented.

20: Number of minutes you must simmer crushed marigold flowers to make a rinse that adds reddish-gold highlights to hair, according to herbalists.

12: Number of hues of Regis clip-in hair extensions, including pink, purple, blue, red and green.

1931: Year “platinum blonde” was coined to describe Jean Harlow, star of the movie … wait for it … PLATINUM BLONDE.

4,000: Number of people attending last year’s Roodharigendag (Redhead Day), an annual Dutch festival.

1953: Debut of Marilyn Monroe’s hit, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Its 1955 sequel, Gentlemen Marry Brunettes, was a bomb.














1–2%: World population with naturally red hair.

1968: The last year Americans were asked to list hair color on their passports. (People were dyeing their hair so often, the information was worthless.)

# 1: Rank of black among most common hair colors.

9%: American women who are natural blondes.

# 1: Rank of blond among best-selling hair colors.

$51,000: Grant awarded to an Australian grad student to study whether or not blondes are actually dumb.

76%: U.S. women who think the first woman president will be a brunette, according to Allure magazine.


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