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The Manicure consists of filing, shaping of nails, treatments, massage of  the hand and the application of nail polish.


Classic manicure -

  • $20 (30mins) nail trimming, shaping, cuticle work, buffing, relaxing hand and arm massage followed by polish of your choice.


Shellac manicure -

  • $30 (45 mins) “Two week manicure” high shine, chip resistant gel polish for natural nails. Promotes growth and strength, nails are trimmed, shaped, and cuticle work is done to prepare the nails properly before shellac application. Results vary based on each individuals’ nails. Manicure is followed by a hand and arm massage.-


  • Nail art options - $5 (15 mins) Add Glitter or Add French Tip


-Classic Pedicure -

  • $40 (45 mins) Feet are soaked to soothe away aches. Nails are trimmed, shaped and cuticles are groomed. Heels receive exfoliation and buffing. Calves and legs receive a softening sugar scrub which leaves soft, exfoliated skin. Relax while legs and feet are massaged with moisture lotion, followed by the polish of your choice.


Shellac pedicure -

  • $50 (1hr) Service begins with a dry manicure to ensure proper application of polish. The shellac polish gives an ultra-lasting pedi. Perfect for those who need extra polish longevity. Followed by a relaxing foot soak and light lotion application.


Cooling peppermint Spa pedicure -

  • $50 (1hr) Relax while you soak your feet in an anti-inflammatory foot bath. Nails and cuticles receive grooming followed by heel exfoliation and an invigoration sugar scrub. A cooling mask soothes aches and pains, followed by a relaxing calf and foot massage. Completed with the polish of your choice.


Callus treatment -

  • $25 (30mins) Enzyme based product derived from fruit gently softens cracked or dry heels. Service begins with a relaxing foot soak followed by a heel exfoliation and a light lotion application. Add to any pedi for $15 (15mins)

Nail Art

 Nail art  refers to the drawing of beautiful patterns on the nails.


  It is not restricted to just painting the nails but is an extended


definition which includes, drawing beautiful patterns on nails,


using different colours and accessories.


Ask your Artisan manicurist for more information

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