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Robert Valenzuela

Robert comes from a legacy of hairdressing. His father and grandfather both worked as barbers and his mother as a hairstylist. His brother, Frank, owns a barber shop and his sister, Monica, owns a salon as well. Following in the family’s footsteps Robert became a licensed barber in 1974 and five years later completed certification for cosmetology. This combination proves valuable as he effortlessly provides his male clients with pristine clipper cuts while delivering outstanding coloring services with his further education in cosmetology.

Family pride has been the inspiration behind Robert’s 39 year career and he has strived to keep current and stay motivated by attending various educational events, ​including, but not limited to, trade shows, advanced training classes and product knowledge. Robert has attended more of these than he can count but the highlight was the three weeks he spent in London attending the Vidal Sassoon Academy where he developed his technical excellence and gained insight into the unique culture that is Sassoon. Leaving with a renewed passion he was trained in precision haircutting by a myriad of industry leaders including Tony Beckerman and Rosilee Cantrell. Advanced coloring and perm/texture service classes in San Francisco and New York followed and rounded out Robert’s extensive knowledge of hairdressing.

Robert is a well trained, conscientious stylist who will listen and deliver every time. He has earned himself the reputation of being one of the most sought after, consistent, and reliable stylists in Sacramento. While he may not always agree with your perspective, he will engage you in thoughtful conversations regarding the many beloved sports teams he favors, his love of local politics and government in general, or the latest book he’s delved into; Robert is a well read and well rounded stylist who you will enjoy immensely, even when engaged in a heated debate.

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