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What is it?

  • A method for styling hair, while wet, in order to control frizz and form well defined, ringletcurls. This technique would work particularly well for BoticelliCherub and S’Wavy curl types but other curl types might like it too.

How does it work?                                              

  • First, ensure that your hair is very wet and completely free of tangles. 

  • Next, take a section of hair – as thick or as thin as you would like the ringlet-curl to be – and finger comb through to ensure that the section is tangle free. Then apply either your own Flax Seed Gel or your favourite store bought gel – by smoothing and finger combing the product through the length of the section.

  • Then take the section of hair, close to the root, and begin twisting it around your finger – forming the curl. As you twist, slide the finger and thumb down the length toward the ends but stop when you get to the ends of the hair. Gently hold the twisted curl between your thumb and index finger and ‘skip’ the curl in the direction of the twist and then gently let the curl go.

  • Repeat the process, taking as many sections as you wish – over the whole head or just specific sections where you want more defined curls.

  • Allow the hair to air dry, or use a diffuser or Hot Sock with a hair dryer.

 Why should I use it?

  •  It’s a great way to get more uniform curls.

  • You can change the direction of your natural curl pattern using this technique. So if you are frustrated with certain sections of your hair, where the curl does not lie how you would like for example, then this could be the technique for you.

  • The technique will give you more defined curls.

  • It can help smooth the hair shaft and help control frizz.

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