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Success Stories are great but how do they happen. Jennifer and her team at Artisan Salon tells us:

Some makeovers rely on major drama: Mousy woman turned bombshell. But what happens when the women's "before" stories are already inspiring—and the goal is to help them embark on new careers? makeovers of clients from Artisan Salon Landpark are a total success—much like the women themselves.

It's a simple, annoying, unfortunate fact: A bad haircut (or sweater, or lipstick shade) can make you look older than you are. But the flip side is just as true: The right hair, makeup, and clothes can turn back the clock.


Gloss- Lips look fuller with a shimmery topcoat. Apply lipstick first, then add shine.

Fill - Eyebrows sparse? Pencil them lightly with a color that matches your hair or brows, or go a few shades darker.

Lighten- To hide shadows around your eyes, dot concealer above and below. Blend well.

Brighten- Skin looks vibrant when you wear warm hues like coral and peach (her blush).


The Problem: Too Much Hair

Audrey MacKenzie, the owner of a dog-walking business and mom, stepped into the salon looking gorgeous — just with too much hair. "The length detracted from her beautiful features," says Robert Valenzuela

The Solution: A Bob

Robert chopped off a full 10 inches. The verdict? "My husband kept staring at me," says Audrey, "and when I asked what he was looking at, he'd just say, 'I'm checking out my new wife!'" said Audrey.

Cut and color: This popular cut has as many famous fans as interpretations: Try it sleek, wavy, or choppy — the way Audrey wears it.

The Problem: The Same Style for Years

"I've had long hair since college," says Ellie Schantz, a meal-center manager and mother of two girls. "When Ellie walked in, I could tell she had great energy. We wanted a cut to match her personality," says Jennifer

The Solution: A Layered cut

Ellie's biggest post-makeover surprise? "I can actually get my hair to look like the 'after' photo," she says.

Cut and color: "Layers with an edge" is how Jen describes this style, first made famous by Jane Fonda (in Klute) and Pat Benatar. This new version features longer layers than Fonda's close-cropped one

The Problem: Afraid to Go Short

"I have always been hesitant to cut my hair," says Shannon Jenest, a public relations executive and mom. "I thought long hair was more feminine.

The Solution: A Pixie

Shannon warmed up to her new, coppery-red hair a bit more gradually: "I have a pretty classic style, which can translate as boring. This hair is anything but," she says.

Cut and color: Gamine and gorgeous, yet classic — this cut takes guts. The payoff is how well it shows off your features. Long, asymmetrical bangs , Carol Denison said cutting it short was exhilarating for her client.

The Problem: No Dimension

Jill Hyman admits that the last time she had a different hairstyle, her daughter and son weren't born — over 11 years ago.

The Solution: Long Hair With Bangs

Jill's new cut is winning raves with family. "The people who know me all say I look younger," she says.

Cut and color: Sure, they're cute on kids, but a little fringe can make grown-ups look youthful, too, by concealing a broad forehead and fine lines. Decuers cut a wide swath of bangs just past the outer

The Problem: Weighed-Down Style

Cheryl Chutter, 41, is a single mom whose friends sometimes nag her about keeping up her appearance, like covering her grays. "I was always the glamour girl in my family," Cheryl says, "but ever since I gave birth to my son over two years ago, I've gotten a little lax about taking care of myself." Jason from Artisan Salon Landpark went to work!

The Solution: Long Layers

"I feel renewed," says Cheryl. "My friends and family are thrilled as well, particularly about the change in my emotional state of mind."

Cut and color: Every decade has its list of layered-hair beauties, from Raquel Welch to Jennifer Aniston. And yes, this cut's as sexy as ever. But the real reason it endures may be

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