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The Biggest 2019 Hair Trend? Color.

Drum roll please. I'm sure we're all eagerly anticipating what's next to come in the world of hair. Well, 2019 is around the corner and the next big wave is here. You may have noticed vibrant and bright dye being a big trend this past year, well sit tight, because we're in for another round of bold looks in the upcoming year. In 2019, however, all colors, hues and shades are up for grabs. So, get ready to express yourself! Try out something you always wanted to, go with something complimentary or maybe just your favorite color! To help get you started, we're listing and showing you some of our top picks!

Warm Blonde: Blonde is always in season, but for this new year, the focus is on deeper and more integrated tones.

Espresso Ombre: The Ombre trend never quiet left us. We can never get enough of natural color hybrids!

Cherry Bomb Red:

Don't stray from bold hues, bring them on this year! You'd be surprised how versatile this color is!

Reflective Baby Blue: As we mentioned earlier, vibrant colors were definitely a going theme this past year. If you felt like you missed out on the craze, it's not too late. Pastels, especially with silver tones like this one, are picking up speed. They add a touch of flair to any outfit or look!

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