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Are You Suffering From Dry, Brittle Hair?

If you’re dissatisfied by your hair’s condition, look no further. Dry hair has many culprits, and it’s not always what you’d suspect. Our hair contains natural oils, but when they’ve been stripped away, it’s evident in the lackluster appearance of our hair. Not to worry, we’ll get you up to speed on what’s hurting your hair, and what you can do to help restore it!

Things you’re probably overlooking such as sun exposure, hormonal changes, heat styling, and of course, the wrong products all contribute to drying out your hair. Luckily, the damage is reversible. At Artisan Salon, we have the perfect line of products to combat even the most brittle manes. Moroccan Oil products provide varying hair types with a luxurious and hydrating experience. From the Hydrating Style Cream, to the Volumizing Mousse, we’ve got something for everyone. These products are infused with natural oils, to ensure that hair isn’t only styled, but properly nourished.

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