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Undercut hairstyles

Undercut hairstyles can be intimidating for the uninitiated because, well, shaving part of your hair is kind of terrifying! So, what's so great about an undercut and why exactly should you think about getting one?

1 It's just. So. Cool!!!

The contrast of short, buzzed strands and longer locks looks effortlessly cool with every texture, from kinky hair to pin straight strands.

2 It doesn't have to be obvious

Depending on where the undercut is on your head, it doesn't actually have to be obvious. You just need to figure out how to make the location of your undercut work when keeping it under wraps is non-negotiable. It can be hidden with longer tresses, buried under the rest of your hair at the nape of your neck, or confined to a small strip behind your ear.

3 It's perfect for thick hair

With thick hair, buzzing the hair at the nape of the neck removes the bulk created by the lower layers. This leaves the rest of the hair more room to move and expand when it needs to. Just make sure you apply a smoothing product to the longer sections while the hair is still damp to minimize frizz.

4 It cuts styling time in half (literally)

Due to the reduced density of an undercut hairstylle, drying and styling won't take nearly as long as it did before. Basically, there's less hair to deal with, so less time is required to wash, dry and style it!

5 It gives you options

Perhaps surprisingly, getting an undercut can help you get motivated to try some new hairstyles. Braiding along the edge helps to draw attention to it, as does wearing your hair up if your undercut is at the back or behind your ear. Similarly, getting the side shaved might also persuade you to wear your hair down more often in an edgy, sideswept look.

What do you think? What would convince you to try an undercut if you haven't already?

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